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Carpet Cleaning Townsville is the best in providing carpet cleaning in Townsville. Oriental rugs can be an expensive investment, therefore many rug owners are reluctant to risk damage caused by uneducated cleaners. Unlike wall to wall carpets, many factors determine how a particular rug should be cleaned so whether handmade, Persian, Orientals or the popular modern shag pile Mal Barnes at Scrub-A-Rug has a process to thoroughly clean your rug.

Through their experience, Carpet cleaning Townsville realized that Area Rugs demanded specialized attention. As carpet cleaners they know on site cleaning does not remove all of the dry soil and harmful allergens that lie deep in the rug pile. Therefore, they have developed an in-plant system for thorough rug cleaning.

A combination of knowledge gained from visiting rug washing plants throughout Australia, attending hands on courses conducted by leaders in the rug cleaning industry in America and their own personal experiences have motivated them to develop this specialized service for Townsville.

We also provide services for Picton Mechanic 

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